Coppell Pushups for Charity Works to Raise $7,500 for Wounded Warrior Project and Kick-Start a Mini Fitness Revolution…One Pushup at a Time

Coppell Pushups for Charity Works to Raise $7,500 for Wounded Warrior Project and Kick-Start a Mini Fitness Revolution…One Pushup at a Time

Coppell, Texas – During the months of March and April, 100 health clubs, personal training studios and fitness boot camps will hold Pushups for Charity events across the nation involving thousands of participants and generating thousands of dollars each in donations to support our wounded warriors.  When the dust settles, they hope to collectively raise nearly $500,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project and kick-start a mini fitness revolution at the same time.

The local Pushups for Charity event in Coppell will be on April 10th at Coppell High School.  Full information is available at for those who want to participate or sponsor a participant.

“Our goal is two-fold,” explains Brad Linder, owner of Get You In Shape, the Boot Camp and Personal Trainer Provider running the Pushups for Charity event here in Coppell, “we want to show our support for the wounded warriors who have sacrificed so much for our freedom and security, and we want to engage our local community in a fun way to get fit.”

“We’ve engineered this to leverage the viral, word-of-mouth capability of the internet,” says Linder.  It starts with our boot camp and personal training clients telling their friends via email, and then their friends telling more people. Combine that with the media coverage, and we’re confident we can meet our ambitious participation and fundraising goals.”

“There’s no denying that when folks get engaged in positive and rewarding activities like charity and fitness, they feel better, perform better and frankly, are generally kinder and more enjoyable to be around!  This is one thing we can do to positively impact our town and our country,” says Linder.

“The way this works is simple.  Folks agree to sponsor an individual by donating fifty cents to one dollar for every pushup that person does in 90 seconds at our event.  Participants are not expected to do thousands of pushups, just as many as they can in 90 seconds, with an eye towards setting a new personal record.  All participants and all sponsors are rewarded with a valuable home study fitness program we’ve designed based on our 7 years of helping Coppell residents get in great shape.  Anyone and everyone are welcome to participate or sponsor.  View the video at for more details and to register,” instructs Linder.

Article written by:
Brad Linder


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