Advocare Metabolic Nutrition System – Advocare MNS – Product of the Month

Advocare weight loss MNS products are the Product of the Month

The Advocare Metabolic Nutrition System (MNS) is a great all around product provides many benefits to your day. I felt a difference the first day I tried this product back in 2001. Being a former professional basketball player, I always tried different products to help with my performance. I pretty much had given up on supplements and did not think they did anything to me. That was until I tried the Advocare nutritional products. The first day I put these products in my body, I felt more alert, had more energy, and felt that my day was more productive because of the great ingredients that are in the products. I have been taking Advocare products since 2001 and do not go a day without them. This product is one of the key products in our 40 Day Challenge and what has helped thousands of people get their weight under control. The Advocare MNS is one of the products I take. For most people, we have a tough time eating all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that our bodies need to function OPTIMALLY on a daily basis. I would say I have a very good diet, but adding the Advocare MNS system helps ensure I am getting enough.

The Advocare Metabolic Nutrition System have a few products that help make it a complete nutritional system.

  1. CorePlex supplement is a high potency, comprehensive multivitamin and mineral supplement that provides a strong foundation of basic nutrition. Most of us don’t eat a well-balanced diet, and even if we do, the latest research published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that additional intake of vitamins and minerals might be helpful for optimal health (JAMA 287:3116-26, 2002).
  2. OmegaPlex supplement is the Advocare proprietary blend of potent omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3’s are a family of compounds, with two distinct omega 3’s (EPA and DHA) necessary for optimal health. Other omega-3 supplements may have only EPA or DHA, while OmegaPlex has both of these important omega-3’s at high levels and in the right proportions for maximum benefit.
  3. ProBiotic RESTORE – This product helps get rid of bad bacteria and fills your body with good bacteria. Antibiotics get rid of both good and bad bacteria. ProBiotic RESTORE gets rid of the bad stuff and fills your body with the good stuff. This helps to strengthen your immune system and also helps increase your body’s ability to absorb the vitamins and minerals you are putting into your body.
  4. The new Metabolic Enhancer supplement from Advocare is a blend of safe and powerful herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals that help boost the body’s energy burning
  5. Appetite Control – The scientific blend of herbal extracts also help your appetite to be in control. For me, I can just say that instead of wanting to eat something, I felt like eating something else (wanting to eat a hamburger, I felt like eating a healthy salad). Instead of having the full plate, I only felt like eating three fourths of the plate.

In my 10 plus years of helping people with their health and fitness goals, lack of energy and lack of eating control are the two things that usually stand in the way of success. I believe this product “HELPS” you have more energy, “HELPS” you want to eat less and make better food choices.

Is this the end all cure all? NO. You still need to eat better and move more to achieve your long term results. I do know that it will “HELP” the process be easier.

There are 3 different formulations for the Advocare MNS because everyone’s body is a little bit different. Please call us or email us for which products we suggest you start on. If not, you can reach about all of them by clicking below:
Advocare MNS Max 3
 Advocare MNS Max –C (Appetite Control)
 Advocare MNS Max – E (Maximum Energy)

If you are in our program and would like to purchase this products, just let us know and we will bring it to the next class.

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Advocare MNS Max 3
Advocare MNS Max –C (Appetite Control)
Advocare MNS Max – E (Maximum Energy)

There are many vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants the Advocare Metabolic Nutrition System, here are a few of the products:

Michael W. Smith uses Advocare Products because they provide a difference in his every day life. Many other athletes and performers choose the Advocare products because they are safe and they work. Tiger Woods made over $100 million in endorsements last year as the best Golfer in the world. Drew Brees was voted the best Quaterback in the NFL yet chooses to freely take the Advocare products because they help him perform better on the field. With all the endorsement money he could be making from supplement companies, Drew Brees chooses to take Advocare because they WORK. That says a lot. If it is good enough for the quarterback who was voted as the top in the NFL, the products are probably good enough for me. Here are two videos from Drew Brees and Michael W. Smith about what they have to say about Advocare

Videos from Michael W. Smith and Drew Brees about Advocare

Videos from Michael W. Smith and Drew Brees about Advocare

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